Sun Up

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She loves her Brick

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About thirty years…

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Listless list

Jo is away in Scotland for over two weeks, and I find myself listless. There are lots of things to do, which I’d planned to fill the time while Jo’s not here: preparing photographs, tidying and cleaning, bringing some semblance of order to the piled mess which is my home…

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Photo by Jo’s dad Roy in September, when we visited Männlichen for the day with him and Jo’s mum Pat.

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Leaving Brienz

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Train Journey

These are the first short video clips I've done with the little video camera built into my mobile phone, made specifically to put on my website. I'd love to know what you think of the idea: whether the films themselves are interesting or not is obviously a whole other question!

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The date is set

As if Jo and I haven't been excited enough over the past three weeks, we're now able to definitely confirm the date of our wedding. We will be married in the late afternoon of Friday, 5th October 2007. I've been speaking with a priest over the past couple of weeks to seek permission to marry in a very special location. After several telephone calls, in which I outlined reasons for our request, the priest discussed our wedding with the Trust in charge of the chapel. He was able to confirm yesterday evening that permission has been granted for us to marry at the Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew - better known as Rosslyn Chapel - in the village of Roslin, near Edinburgh.

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Brienz Quay

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Dawn Arrival

Arrival by train at Brienz, just before half past eight.

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The Beginning of the Engagement

I'd not planned all that much about it, though one thing was certain. Some months earlier, it had come to me in a brain-wave. I wanted to ask Jo to marry me by the light of stars and moon, on the banks of the lake in the town where we live.

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When will I be famous?

Bros were a boy band in the UK during the eighties, who grew up in the same town as my best friend. They were eighties-tastic! The first line of their Wikipedia entry is classic: “This article is about an English boy band. For the Italian cheese preparation,…

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Contents may have shifted in flight

You will have noticed the new design; more observant visitors will recognize that I have changed over to the WordPress publishing system. New features and new pages will be coming online over the next couple of days and direct links to articles will have changed. Please let me know…

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Christmas, come early

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The end of the season

The café/restaurant at the end of the pier in Bournemouth, taken on a Sunday evening.

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Winter is upon us again, which means we can eat Chäsbrätel as much as we like!

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Red for Passion

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Music Express

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As I reached the curve in the road, I saw that the red car was still there, so I decided to pull in and see what all the fuss was about. I’d been past earlier that day, on my way down to Tom’s with the new rope that he needed,…

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