I have decided to re-join the flickr community as a Pro member. I’ve been away for just a couple of weeks and have missed the flexibility and community feeling which makes it so good to be a member here. I have a love-hate relationship with my own website and at the moment, I want to re-focus – no pun intended – to embrace the most positive aspect of flickr: that of being part of a group of online friends and colleagues. That means you! With that in mind, I’ll be posting "proper" photos here again and, hopefully, explaining some photos from a technical or descriptive point of view.

This photo was taken with an ancient 200mm lens from my aunt’s living room window, as the deer (as well as squirrels and birds) fed on bread put out especially for them. Just proving that I can photograph animals as well as beauty and landscapes!

On another tack, I’ve begun a thread in the Switzerland group to suggest the next Swiss flickr meet-up: please step over and make your suggestions for a destination!

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