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A Friend Far Away

The train speeds along the side of the Thunersee to the accompaniment of a beautiful sunset, which is throwing the hills towards Bern into a yellow misty distance.  The sun is glinting across the water, turning the mountains and lakeside into a duotone landscape: ranging from the clear sky above, through countless shades of blue and cream, to the golden reflections on the water.  The rocky peaks of the higher mountains are dusted with snow and ice, turned golden by the retreat of the sun.  Pinpoints of light on the ceiling of the train compartment flicker above people dressed up and heading for a night out in the city, or dozing contentedly on their way home from work.

In the corner of a second class carriage, halfway along the train, a young Englishman sits with his shoes off, typing a letter on a white laptop keyboard to a friend far away.

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